Dr. Ayse Guveli

  • 01.11 – 02.11.2013 Presentation at the 5th Norface Migration Conference of Norface Migration Programme, Berlin: “Men migrate, women work: Explaining the impact of internal and international migration on women’s employment among Turkish migrant women” (Niels Spierings & Ayse Guveli)

  • 10.04 – 13.04.2013 Invited speech at the 4th Norface Migration Conference at University College London, London: “The assimilation of first and second generation immigrants“

  • 28.03.2013 Invited speech in the seminar series „Immigration, Employment, and Social Class“ at Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona: ”Social Mobility and Status Attainment among Turks in Western Europe and Turks in Turkey”

  • 27.02.2013 Invited speech at the Oxford Center for Islamic Studies, University of Oxford, Oxford: “Religiosity of Turks in Europe and Turks in Turkey”

  • 21.10.2012 Invited speech at the Department of Sociology, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh: “2000 Turkish Families. International Migration andTransmission across Generations”

  • 04.07.2012 Invited Speech at Centre for International Migration and Citizenship, University of Bristol, Bristol: “2000 Turkish Families. International Migration and Transmission across Generations”