Pilot study, 19 July – 5 August 2010

The region of Şarkışla chosen for the pilot study was screened between the 5th of July and the 15th of August 2010 by a team set up by the successful bidding company, Frekans Research Ltd. The field team composed of one supervisor and ten interviewers were trained in İstanbul over two days. The Line-Up team worked in close collaboration with Frekans towards the target of reaching 300 families. The screening of Şarkışla was followed by the telephone interviews performed by two separate teams based in Berlin and İstanbul.

Overall, the pilot study yielded 309 families with family tree information. A total of 238 proxy interviews were performed with a knowledgeable member or relative of these families to generate information about 2,884 individuals. Furthermore, 785 personal interviews were conducted within the same period.